So you’ve hit the trails hard this weekend and now your body feels it. What’s the best massage to help you recover and get your body back to normal? Below is a comparison between two common massages and one that maybe you’ve never heard of before.

  • Swedish Massage: This popular massage style has some real misconceptions, especially as it applies to an athletic body. Highly popular in high-end spas, it has a certain spa mystique because of its sexy name. In a Swedish massage, your massage therapist works the entire body with long, smooth strokes. It helps to stimulate blood circulation and reduce stress. But for those inside the massage industry, it’s known as a “fluff and buff”, and a rather easy massage to give. It may be better utilized for older individuals, and not for the weekend warrior who might require a deeper massage to alleviate muscle soreness and tightness.
  • Deep Tissue Massage: This massage essentially does what it says it will, providing a much deeper massage than its Swedish cousin. For the weekend warrior, this can be a much more effective massage, and it does a better job at releasing toxins and getting to knots and muscles on a deeper level. If you’re thinking about a Swedish massage or a Deep Tissue massage, go for the Deep Tissue variety. You may need to breathe through some of the deeper pressure points that cause some initial pain, but your body will thank you later.
  • Thai Yoga Massage: Here’s the one you probably have never tried before, and for the weekend warrior, it may be your best overall massage. Using the qualities of a deep tissue massage and adding acupressure, the Thai Yoga massage also introduces significant stretching into the massage process. This combination of acupressure and stretching can get the weekend warrior back in shape even quicker than the Deep Tissue Massage. But it is different. Rather than using a traditional massage table, you’ll be on a floor mat. For this massage you are fully clothed in comfortable yoga type garments provided by the spa (or you can wear your own yoga clothes). The stretching helps to release toxins and improve flexibility, which is the cornerstone to faster recovery after athletic exercise. Because Thai massage requires specialized training, many spas do not offer this massage.

Whatever massage you decide on, the benefits are real and can help your recovery in a dramatic way. Leave the Swedish Massage to the lightweights and book your Thai Yoga Massage today.

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