Here we go!  Summer is sliding into the home stretch and what are you doing about it?  Maybe you are grabbing long last days at the lake.  Or maybe you are struggling with the overwhelm of getting back on a school schedule.  Let’s rethink back to school together.

1) Forward to School instead of Back to School

Let’s take this simple phrase “back to school” and change it up.  Each year students advance a grade, grow more curious, learn new stuff, encounter different problems and solutions.  Really the phrase should be “Onward and Upward to School”.

2) Start the School Routine Now

Just like learning a new habit or revisiting an old one starting your “back to school” routine a few days or even a week before the bell rings helps.   For example, you might start going to bed at the regular school bedtime.  Pair this with getting up in the morning close to or at the time you need to get up to be ready for school. Doing a few “regular school routines now” will make the first days of school will be a lot less stressful.   (If this sounds really painful try setting the alarm back in 15-minute increments for the next couple days.)

3) Don’t Over Commit

If you are getting all revved up about “Onward and Upward to School” remember to test the waters first.  Maybe wait a week or two to see what the homework load is going to be like before you pick up a new social engagement or allow your kids to have a playdate/sleepover. So get excited but refrain from committing. Just say maybe and then check in with yourself and your family before you give the “ok” to be the homeroom cookie mom, track coach or your kid’s request to have 10 friends over after school.

4) Keep it Simple

We know, we know, there is nothing better than a home-cooked meal unless… you can grab a ready-made/frozen meal and save lots of time.  During the first week of back to school canvas, all your family members for their favorite frozen dinners, add a bagged salad and maybe a watermelon for dessert and Voila dinner is served.  (Hey, there is no shame serving dinner on paper plates either.)

5) Stock up

While you are picking up back to school supplies at the big box store why not stock up on home essentials like paper towels, toilet paper, plastic wrap, tin foil, and cleaning supplies.  Grab and go prepackaged snacks are also a fantastic item to stock- up on while you are there.  Nothing worse than a hungry teen before football practice.

6) Take a Break

Can you create a do-nothing day before you move onward into full school mode?  Whatever your family enjoys that is restful and requires little from anyone.  A day at the park, lake, museum, or just a backyard BBQ can be relaxing.

7) Pretend it is Still Summer

Don’t shut down summer yet!  Labor Day can be your last hurrah!  It is like savoring that last bite of chocolate cake after an awesome meal.  Maybe throw in a short weekend getaway or a staycation with all the summer rules back in place.  Playing pretend and reliving a little bit of the summer laziness just makes moving “onward and upward to school” a little sweeter.

Steamboat Springs, Colorado is a wonderful place for a long weekend in the mountains.  Warm and sunny most of the year Steamboat Springs has a lot to offer families from extreme sports like river rafting and mountain biking, to a more laid back stroll along with the shops on the main street.   Here is a little secret, the fall is one of the most colorful relaxed and warm times to visit Steamboat.  Add to that that the hotels and restaurants often run specials which will help you to create a perfect “back to school” break.

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