Thanksgiving is a hectic time with lots of shopping, organizing, and planning to take care of. If everyone is coming over to your house for the celebration, you might be cleaning frantically. It’s easy to forget about yourself when you are so busy. So here are our beauty tips for Thanksgiving so you can welcome everyone looking gorgeous and refreshed.

A few Bright Changes to Spice Up Your Beauty Routine

Bright lipstick

Nothing can lift an outfit like colorful lipstick. Classic red, beautiful burgundy or bright pink all look stunning. Splash out on a new shade of lippy or mix a few colors together to create your own new shade of lipstick.

Beauty Tips For Thanksgiving Glitter Eyeliner

Brighten Your Eyes this Holiday Season 

Eyes are the window to the soul.- Shakespeare

A few swipes of color can banish the holiday blues and brighten your day completely!  You have so many choices on our online store.   Just check out all these colors.  What is more, is they are simple to apply and mix and match. Find the right shade for you in our L.E. Online Store.

Bold nail polish

Go dramatic with your nails this Thanksgiving with a salon or at-home manicure and pedicure that will stand out. Treat yourself to something fancy like gem-embellished nails or luxurious Paraffin wax treatment. A nourishing nail treatment is ideal if you have been cleaning with harsh products.

Stay hydrated

Perhaps one of the oldest beauty tips in the world, but also one of the best is to drink lots of water. Most people don’t drink enough, so we all need reminding about the many benefits of consuming enough water. It helps your body detox, makes your skin look glowing and healthy and is good for your circulation and joints. That is just the beginning and there are too many benefits of staying hydrated to list.

Take a little Beauty Nap on Thanksgiving

Get plenty of sleep-add in a little nap!

Another classic tip for looking gorgeous is getting enough shut-eye. What each person needs varies between 6 to 10 hours on average.  If you can’t get in enough at night a little 20-30 min power nap will recharge you for the rest of the day. Not only will you look fantastic at Thanksgiving, but you will feel great too. Like water, it’s one of the best beauty treatments out there and it’s free!

Hair Treatments

Our final beauty treatment is for your hair. Invest in a treatment like a hair mask, deep conditioning treatment, or overnight hair mask. Do this a week before Thanksgiving and again the day before. Your hair will be shiny and beautiful.

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