Lately, we’ve been getting a lot questions about what is the best skier massage. We think the best skiers massage is a massage you may not have heard about – a classic Thai Yoga massage.

A Thai Yoga massage combines the magic of acupressure with significant stretching. It can often mean the difference between wasting a day or two of your expensive 5 or 7 day ski pass recovering from sore muscles, aches and pain, or getting back on the slopes with little or no pain in no time.

During a Thai massage, your trained massage therapist will take you through a series of massage sequences, in a specialized technique that is estimated to be over 2,500 years old.

Instead of laying on a massage table, you receive the massage on a padded floor mat. The stretching that goes along with this highly technical massage goes a long way in improving blood flow, increasing flexibility and releasing stored up toxins in the body.

Some people like to call it “lazy man’s yoga” because the massage therapist does almost all of the work for you, although sometimes you are asked to grab the wrist of your therapist for maximum stretching.

People that have had a Thai massage are amazed at its effectiveness, but you need to be in reasonably good shape for this type of massage. Skiers with very little flexibility or older skiers with a more brittle bone structure would probably feel like this is a tougher massage to experience and might prefer a deep tissue massage or sports therapy massage instead. But, if you want to get back on the slopes without wasting your tickets, Thai massage is a great choice.

 When booking a Thai massage look for trained and licensed massage therapists. At our Steamboat Springs Day Spa, the owner Pam Peretz spent nearly two months in Thailand learning Thai massage as featured in this newspaper article.

If you are traveling to Steamboat Springs, you can book a Thai massage by calling 970-871-9543. If you’re skiing someplace else, check out some of the local massage places to see if they offer Thai massage. You will instantly become a Thai massage convert!

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