Eyebrows are such a hot topic of conversation these days. It seems like everyone is divided about how they should look. With the rise of social media, we are entering into a new era of eyebrow styling options and popularity.

Here at the spa, we offer an array of different eyebrow styling options. So we’ve got you covered whether you want thin eyebrows with high arches or a dramatic lamination style brow.

Have a hard time choosing? We found that looking at eyebrows through the decades provided plenty of inspiration and allowed us to explore the trends that subtly influenced them.


Brows really made their debut in America around 1920. The flappers preferred pencil-thin rounded brows. Hollywood glamor was in its golden age, and despite the sad look that rounded brows give off, the roaring twenties was far from sad! Maybe this look was a premonition of the Great Depression right around the corner… 

With the Great Depression in full effect, brows continued with their rounded shape, but America’s working-class let them do their own thing. Without money for extra luxuries and the societal tightening of the belt, makeup took a backseat to basic necessities for American families.

It wasn’t until America’s men went off to war in the 1940s that eyebrows changed again. With the men gone and women assuming the manufacturing and industry roles that men traditionally took, women started coloring their eyebrows much darker. 

This was the first time that women looked as powerful as they felt. But, unfortunately, this power was short-lived as the end of the war brought the beginning of the conservative 1950s.

In what seemed like a silent revolt against the oppressive nature of the 1950s, women’s eyebrows became the most dramatic yet. Thicker brows with a pointed arch most popularized by Marilyn Monroe were in. Women might not have been heard, but they 

were most definitely SEEN!

The counter-culture event that began in the 1960s was the push back against the rigid social formality of the 1950s. With it came, personally, one of my favorite brows, the mod squad, thick and straight with a slight arch at the top. 

Audrey Hepburn made these brows iconic. These brows were bold and gave a giant middle finger to oppressive forces as the civil rights movement raged on.

The 1970s brought flashy dance floors and disco. Disco brought big hair and sparkly makeup. In an effort to give dark blue glittery eyeshadow the spotlight, eyebrows became thin with a sharp arch. Diana Ross and Donna Summers were HUGE influences on this trend.

As the disco gave way to the 1980s, the brows got thicker and more natural. Brooke Shields popularized the thick and bushy brow most associated with the 80s. These brows seemed to perfectly compliment the puffy shoulders and fluffy bangs that seem to be making somewhat of a comeback today. We see you Target…

The 1990s seemed like another counter-culture movement of its own, perhaps, it was more of a cultural unraveling. Dark lipliner encouraged a skinny brow and a high arch with a dark color to match. The rise of computers, megachurches, and social class divisions led to seemingly more chaotic eyebrow trends to match.

Along with many others in the early 2000s, Gwen Stefani took the 90s brow even smaller with a perfectly shaped pencil brow. Almost one hundred years later, the pencil look that popularized the 1920s was back. History repeats itself, and eyebrows are no exception.

Brows Today

It wasn’t until the 2010s that we really started to see eyebrows styling level up. The rise of social media and makeup tutorials began a new era for brows. Makeup artists on social media became influencers who began brow trends that no previous decade had seen before. Does anyone remember wavy brows? We are still trying to forget those ones…

Now eyebrows have become the ultimate form of self-expression. You can tell a lot about a person by how they style their brows! Here at the spa, we believe that the best eyebrows are the ones that make you feel the best!

We offer a variety of brow services to ensure that you have the right look that best suits  your personal aesthetic.

You might be familiar with basic waxing but we also offer eyebrow tinting for blonde brows or just an even darker look than your natural hair color. We have two options for those of us who want to have long-lasting thicker brows. 

First, Microblading, or the process of tattooing semi-permanent pigment into the skin, helps create a naturally fuller look. Each line, created by hand with a blade, makes a micro-incision for the pigment to reside in. This is not to be confused with eyebrow tattooing that uses a traditional tattoo needle.

On the other hand, Brow lamination is a newer technique that is the latest trend to hit America. Originating in Russia, these dramatic brows are taking over celebrity and influencer circles. 

Brow lamination is essentially a perm for your eyebrows that lasts about six weeks. It makes the brows stand up in the same direction and delivers a glossy, gelled look.

Brows can also be laminated in a variety of ways. All the hair doesn’t need to go up toward the forehead but can taper off toward the ears. Our team at Life Essentials is more than knowledgeable and can help craft the perfect look you want. Talk with our stylists today!

You can book your eyebrow services by calling us at (970) 871-9543

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