What’s the best gift to give a woman for the holidays? Camouflage. Now wait, before you click to the next page, give us a second. With holiday parties, family gathering and celebration after celebration, women want to put on their best face for pictures. The best way to put your best face forward, so to speak, is through camouflage. Through expert techniques, at Life Essentials Day Spa, we can help camouflage imperfections of the skin, acne, dark circles and more. Stop in to find out about the products we carry and how we can help you accomplish the most fashionable looks for the season.
Step 1: Moisturize. At high altitude, skin becomes drier than at lower elevations even if you drink copious amounts of water. Skin care begins with moisturizer to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and to help plump the skin up.
Step 2: Cover imperfections. Whether you have acne, slight scarring or haven’t had enough sleep, foundation, concealer and pressed powder give your face a smooth, even palette to work with.
Step 3: Identify face shape. Each face is unique, but faces generally fall into one of the following categories: oval, heart-shaped, square, round, rectangular and diamond shaped. Once you have identified your face shape highlights and contouring can shape your face into the perfect oval.
Step 4: Decide on your look. Depending on the occasion you may want a natural look that enhances your natural beauty, a dewy look that gives a youthful glow to your face or a glamorous style that uses color and shimmer to let you stand out.
Step 5: Be you. A confident woman is easy to spot. Choosing a make-up look that suits your style will help you feel more confident and carefree.
The Natural Look: To get the most natural look, start with a concealer as close to your skin tone as possible. If you have naturally oily skin, consider a touch of powder to reduce shine but not enough to dull the skin. For mascara, again go for a color that is similar to your natural eyelash color. Don’t use black if you have fair skin and light hair. Use a light brown or clear lash builder to add definition without being obvious. For cheeks we recommend a light pink or earthy tone depending on your skin color. Don’t stray to far from your skin’s natural tones and apply just enough to let your cheeks glow. For eye shadow consider using a shade a touch darker than your own skin for definition without being obvious. For lips apply lip gloss or lip moisturizer.
The Dewey Look: This look has been in all the fashion magazines lately. If you don’t know what the dewey look is, think ‘just stepped out of the shower, clean face with a soft glow.’ To achieve this look, start with a clean face. If your skin is not sensitive, consider a light exfoliation. Apply moisturizer. Use highlighter to brighten up the face on key areas such as cheekbones and nose. Use a cream based blush instead of a powder blush for a slight shine. Neutralize dark circles and blemishes with concealer. Use lip balm or a very pale colored lip gloss. For blush and eye shadow consider a little bit of shimmer on cheekbones and on eyelids.
The Glamour Look: Being glamorous is all about catching people’s attention. For this look, we use a cream based blush for the cheeks, bold mascara and eyeliner to accentuate eyes, as well as color on the eyelids – think gold, bronze and silver for the holidays. Lips are bright and alive with a color palette to flatter your skin tone.
If you want to set up a consultation for skin products that will work best for your face, call Life Essentials Day Spa today.

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