There are so many benefits to a couple’s massage! Push aside the flowers and chocolate and spend some quality time really being present to each other.

Getting into Rhythm

How often do you get together with your partner and they are still ruminating on what happened at work or with the kids that day?   Shifting from our daily work to partner connect time, therapists say can take from 5-20 mins.  Stepping into the spa together as a couple starts that downshift.  By intentionally choosing a couple’s massage you are saying no to the world and yes to direct time with your mate.

Being Present

Moving into a slower rhythm with fewer distractions in a calming atmosphere allows you to give your partner the best Valentines’s Day Gift-your total and complete attention. You are present to and for them.

Increased Awareness

Being present and “in sync” builds your awareness of yourself and your partner.  When was the last time you took a minute away from family and work to remember why your partner really is special to you? When you first met, what did you really notice, enjoy or marvel about?

Deepening Affection

As we spin through our days on this crazy planet a lot can get lost in the hustle.  The rhythms of attending a spa together, being present and increasing awareness let those loving feeling return.  The feeling of being loved and cared for has proven to be a great stress reliever.  Your friends and family will benefit from your deeper connection and reawakened affection for each other.

Couple’s Massage Bonding Experience

A massage releases oxytocin (bonding), serotonin (mood lifter), and dopamine (pleasure).  Guess what?  These feelings are contagious! You may walk into a couples massage “out of sync,” but it is really hard to walk out that way!

Unlike a movie or even a gourmet dinner, the body-mind connection of the couple’s massage experience is known to last sometimes for weeks!

Life Essentials Day Spa is offering several special packages for the 2020 Valentine’s Day Season.  You can truly make memories this February by booking your Beautiful Bonding Experience today.

roses and towels and champagne with a candle

After the couple’s bonding massage slip next door for a wonderful light supper or a full meal at Table 79.



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