It’s no secret that what you put into your body contributes to your health and beauty.  We are here to help with Christmas Healthy Eats and Drinks options.

Many people worry about Christmas because there are so many unhealthy temptations, from chocolate to lavish meats and then there’s the alcohol. While there’s no avoiding it and you actually deserve to indulge every now and then, there are also ways to serve up healthy options.

Christmas Healthy Drinks

What is better than a fun Christmas Coffee? Try this for a power boost on Christmas morning!  Makes enough for 4 cups!

Coffee Christmas Healthy Eats and Drinks

You can have your cocktail and drink it too. For drinks, go for spritzers and diet soda mixers to keep the calorie count low. Fruity drinks give a burst of vitamins and are lower in calories than milky-based beverages. Plus, they are fresh and delicious. We say cheers to that. 

For pre-dinner snacks swap chips and dip for organic fruit and vegetable bites with hummus. Or go for small bite-sized treats like canapés or tapas. Go organic for Christmas dinner as much as possible. As well as fresh organic produce, you can also use organic products to make sauces and dips. Seafood dishes can offer a wonderful alternative to rich meat dishes. See if you can source some fresh salmon that is high in protein and vitamin B12 and low in saturated fat. Fish, shrimp and squid are healthy and considered a luxury for many people who might even prefer it over ham or turkey. Load up the table with juicy salads and brown rice along with the traditional dishes like potatoes and roast vegetables.

Christmas Healthy Eats Options

Christmas Healthy Eats and Drinks

The dessert course is perhaps the most challenging when it comes to healthy options. Look for recipes low in sugar and dairy products. Add in some carrot cake and gluten-free cupcakes and you will have nailed every Christmas course in the most healthy way possible. Repeat a version of the high-energy good eats and drinks as you ring in the New Year. 

Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year too! 

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