Summer is finally here. With such a short summer season people head out in droves to walk through fields of wildflowers, tube down the Yampa River and watch the sunsets turn the sky to fire. Each big or small interaction with nature creates balance and peace within us. They remind us of our interconnectedness to all creatures while also reminding us of the beauty of the world we live in. While it’s easy to connect body and mind to the outdoors, we also need to be cognizant of connecting our muscles, our circulation and our spirit to a peaceful state. There is nothing more beneficial than a spa package to help relax, and realign your body. Taking the time for massage shows you care about yourself, that you are important and that you are part of this incredible tapestry of life.
At Life Essentials Day Spa we offer three packages to promote health and well being. Each package is designed to connect you to the natural ecosystems of your body.
Earth Package: A 60-minute balancing massage is combined with a 30 minute reflexology session. Our feet are our primary connection with the earth. Reflexology works with pressure points in the feet to relax and release stress and pain throughout the body. Our balancing massages combine deep tissue and Swedish massage for an experience designed to bring you into your body so you can feel the healing nature of touch.
Water Package: Our water package is about hydration. For two hours you will be treated to a massage and a Progenerate Facial. This service starts out with a 60-minute balancing massage designed to relax and lengthen muscles, much as swimming can do for us. The Progenerate Facial works to cleanse, moisturize and rehydrate skin for plumper, younger looking skin.
Our Alpen Glow Package will bring your senses alive with our signature scent of ginger and lemongrass. During this service you will experience a balancing massage that relaxes and releases tension throughout the body. This is followed by a 60 minute Sugar Glow Scrub that invigorates the skin and improves circulation. The service ends with a Progenerate Facial, to help revitalize dehydrated or tired skin with cleansing, moisturizing and rehydration. When you walk out of this treatment you will feel as vibrant as our sunsets.
No matter which package you are drawn to, Earth, Water or Alpen Glow, you will find you have reconnected with your body and the natural systems within. As you walk out, you may find the world more vivid, more alive than before. Call Life Essentials Day Spa today to book your appointment. 970-871-9543.

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