If you are a powder hound you’ve already been up on Buff Pass or Rabbit Ears with your rock skis making turns. It’s that season and it’s time to get your body ready for it. Here are our top five ways to get in shape for ski season.

  1. Exercise different muscle groups. Every sport requires different muscle groups to perform. Overwork those muscles and you can have an injury on your hands. We recommend mixing up your workouts and your play. Try yoga or Pilates along with weight training and cardio exercise. Making sure your entire body is strong will help you perform your best this year.
  2. Stay hydrated. At higher elevation it’s critical to keep your body hydrated. Dry muscles have a higher tendency of cramping up. Drink plenty of fluids including straight water. Electrolytes are good but there is no substitute for nature’s water.
  3. Don’t go too hard until you are ready for it. There’s nothing like hiking into the backcountry and skiing or riding untouched terrain. Some people hike too far back and struggle to get out, or their muscles get tired and their performance gets sloppy. Build up to the longer outings.
  4. Get a sports massage. Sports massage specifically targets the muscles you use when you work out. A massage from Life Essentials Day Spa can help loosen tight muscles, relax your body and get you ready for an epic season.
  5. Eat healthy foods. Foods loaded with saturated fats and processed foods can really affect athletic performance. Stick to foods that came from the earth – vegetables, meat, and grains.
    We hope this is an incredible season for you. When you are ready for some pampering or when you need someone to help relax your muscles, call Life Essentials Day Spa.

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