Folklore tells the tale that two industries thrived during the depression.  What were those two industries? That’s right–garbage collections and hair cuts.  Yep, hairstylists remained in demand as the country struggled to put food on the table! The trend continued in the economic downturn of 2008. (Skip to the bottom for our summer steals!)

“The Census Bureau records a jump ” in an otherwise glum report about mom-and-pop businesses, stating that the number of hairdressers and barbers and the shops they work in grew by about 8 percent from 2008 to 2009, one of the few industries to register growth in a tough economic climate.”

Why is a Hair Cut So Important?

According to Vogue Magazine, the pandemic of 2020 brought to light something essential about hair salons and spas.

While not considered essential in many countries, people have suddenly realized how much they rely on their salons as a comforting source of self-care and community.  Vogue May 2, 2020

What does hair really signify?

  • physical health (glossy hair does imply great nutrition)
  • allegiances to a particular culture or group
  • deep emotional changes (going from short to long, changing your color or style clues the world into deeper changes in your psyche)
  • readiness for work (who doesn’t get a hair cut before a big interview)
  • death or the end of something (Native Aborigine cut their hair at the death of a loved one to show the end of a life cycle. Regrowth signified a new life cycle.)

Women’s Self-Esteem and Hair Trims

Hair is one of the main ingredients to our identity – in fact over half of U.S. women (56%) said that being happy about their hair increases their self-esteem or that good hair makes them feel more positive about their day.    TYME Blog March 1, 2019

Video screens gave us a new way to connect, but guess what?  Appearance and hair played an even bigger role in this 2-D connection format. After months of seclusion, going back out in the world with a fresh hair cut is the first right step.

As we enter into the new normal, many things may not seem as important as they once were, but connecting to others still matters.  Connecting back to our community and to ourselves starts with the hairdressers!   Salons are a place of rest and revision.  A place that we define a new look that gives us a new outlook on life.

Tired of the Home Hair Cuts?

Make an appointment for a Men’s or Women’s Hair cut today for this amazing price for a professional hair cut.  Just like Covid-19 it won’t last forever!  Book now!

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