Halloween is looming and if you look around the corner, a bunch of ghosts, goblins, witches, and monsters will probably jump out at you. So when they come knocking at your door at the end of October, what will you give them? Traditional candies and chocolate aren’t so healthy, so we advocate handing out healthy Halloween treats.

Prepare juice boxes, apples, carrots, and other healthy food items that will still be eatable after a night of trick or treating. Avoid soft fruit and vegetables like bananas and tomatoes, which could be a slushy mess by the end of the night. Get creative by painting boiled eggs orange and make pumpkin flavored cupcakes with just a small dab of icing on top. All things in moderation, so just a little won’t hurt!

First a Healthy Halloween Themed Dinner

Full tummies don’t grab as much candy as empty ones.  Feed them up well before they start on their trick or treat journey.  And a pumpkin cut out to their favorite sandwich, make spiders with pretzels, carve fun shapes in apples to keep your little ghouls from being sugar-soaked at the end of the evening.

Healthy Halloween Lunch

Collect items that are branded for Halloween. You can buy cheap little bits and pieces at budget shops like the Dollar Store, including erasers, stickers, toys, and notebooks. Toothbrushes are a fabulous item to give trick or treaters and you can tie a Halloween-inspired message to each one. Their parents and dentist will love this one!

PST– Here is an awesome roasted pumpkin soup recipe to keep you cozy into the long fall nights.

Healthy Halloween Treats and Tricks

Plenty of drinking water assists in rinsing away the sugar, so giving out water bottles is a great item to give trick or treaters. Sounds boring? It doesn’t have to be if you put festive Halloween stickers on the bottles. Search sites like Etsy for printables and make some yourself or order a bunch online. Even though you aren’t giving out sugar, we are sure the neighbors will be so that water will be useful.

Finally, by having healthy treats to give out for Halloween, you won’t be tempted to eat sugar-filled food yourself. You can indulge in other treats during Halloween though ranging from healthy meals, massages, beauty treatments, and meditation. Self-care during the holidays is just as important as time off work, relaxing, and celebrating. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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