Ok, you have hair on your face.  But you don’t want a unibrow or a “lady mustache”.  So what is the difference between threading and waxing your eyebrows?

After 20 Years of Waxing: A Personal Story

A wonderful middle-aged East India woman invited me to sit down in a barber style chair and lean my head back. I asked her to thread my eyebrows and any other facial hair (chin and mustache). She went right to the work, directing me to hold my right eyelid closed with one hand and place the other hand on my forehead and pull backward creating taunt skin around the brow area. She then took white thread (the exact same kind you sow with) and twisted it into a “cat’s cradle” and placed the long end into her mouth. With eyes closed, I felt what I have since described as a mass tweezing action.

Multiple hairs were removed at once and she worked the loop between her fingers pulling back the long end with her mouth. With a couple of quick strokes, she finished one brow and move deftly to the next. Then she proceeded to do the rest of my face. In less than 10 minutes she was done and rubbed a baby oil style product on my skin.  As I reviewed my brows, I was pleasantly surprised. Although my lovely threading tech had not asked how I would like my brows shaped, they were perfect!

Threading is the return of an ancient art called “fatlah” in Egyptian or “khite” in Arabic.  Using cotton thread twisted into a “cat’s cradle” loop the threading technician is able to remove hair from the body quickly. Just like waxing or tweezing the complete hair follicle is removed at the root.

How Threading and Waxing Differ

different women's Eyebrows


  • no products are used which means no allergic reactions for sensitive skin
  • can be done while the client is using proscribed anti-aging products like retinols or glycolics
  • no risk of burning or tearing the skin
  • more natural shape to the brow
  • can take longer especially with a thick or heavy brow
  • can be hard to find service outside of a large city (Life Essentials Day Spa now offers the service!)
  • minimal redness


  • better for think course hair
  • creates a sharper more defined brow line
  • most salons/spas offer the service
  • can damage skin
  • often leaves redness for several hours
  • cannot use with proscribed anti-aging products


Threading vs Waxing: The Pain Factor

Ok folks, time to get real.  Anything that rips the hairs out of your skin is going to be painful.   But!  A masterful waxer or threader will make it as quick and painless as possible.  A good tech can get this done in just a few minutes with gorgeous results.  Plus, what is a little “ripping off a band-aid” pain every 5-6 weeks.  Buck up, cowgirl, threading and waxing services give you the freedom to stop looking for these damn tweezers late at night.

Thinking of kissing unwanted facial hair goodbye?  Make an appointment today! 970-871-9543  Press here to book online.

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