Who knew we would all be wearing a mask for months maybe years. This requires a whole new look at skincare. Masks can irritate the delicate facial skin in many ways.  At Life Essentials Day Spa we offer several solutions from our dynamic biogenic skincare line Sanitas to our signature CBD line of products.

Mask+Skin = Problems!

Masking and unmasking multiple times a day can cause a variety of issues for your skin.  The following are common side effects of wearing a mask.

Rubbing– make sure to find a mask that fits well.  Masks that loop around the ears are better for the skin than the ones that surround the whole neck.   If possible, a plastic shield that leaves the skin free to breathe is the best.

Dryness-wearing a mask sucks the natural moisture from the skin.  This causes transdermal water loss (TDW) from the skin. Many of our Sanitas Skincare products are designed to reduce the TDW caused by exposure to the environment in general and in particular the new requirement to wear a mask.  

Dirty Masks-this is huge!  A dirty mask:

  1. does not protect you as well as it could and
  2.  it will cause other skin issues to get worse. 

Wear and then wash your mask daily or buy the disposable kind.  

Acne- whoof, this is a hard time for people with acne around the mouth and nose area! Although the mask covers these trouble areas of skin, it actually does a lot of damage.  If it is safe, unmask as much and often as you can.

  1. a mask blocks airflow and lets bacteria breed (yuck)
  2. a mask traps dirt and oil (blackheads!)
  3. a mask rubs, causing irritation and pain to broken skin which will spread the bacteria that causes acne

There is only one choice with a mask for acne suffers–disposable masks. It is really the only way to go.  If your acne is bad enough you might consider changing your mask in the middle of the day if you have a long shift.  Cloth masks will only work if you wash them every night!

Skin Rashes-itchy, redness, drives you mad!  The different materials that masks have may cause skin rashes.  With so many types of masks on the market, keep trying different types until you find something that works for you.  If your skin is super sensitive, a plastic face shield may be the best way to go so that nothing touches your skin.  For cloth masks the detergent you wash it in may cause irritation.  Something with no fragrance or harsh chemicals is best. 

How to unmask beautiful skin?

Now more than ever you need a simple skin routine that gently cleanses the skin and moisturizes. Highly effective for all skin types is the Sanitas Vitamin C line.  The top two unmasking ingredients:

Lipophilic vitamin C
a powerful antioxidant that brightens and promotes skin renewal

Beta glucan
a biogenic modulator that strengthens the skin’s own protective mechanism to help fortify skin

Acne, dry skin, skin rashes, and normal skin all respond well to Vitamin C as it enhances the skin’s own immune fighting capabilities.  Life Essentials Day Spa offers a full line of these soothing Vitamin C products, cleansers, serums, moisturizers, and masks.  Treat yourself to a deep cleansing Vitamin C facial.  Hear what clients are saying!

Unmask beautiful skin

You can now purchase online!  Check out the new Life Essentials Day Spa virtual store!


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