Have you ever heard distance makes the heart grow fonder? Touch and proximity do increase connection but technology now makes emotional connection easy.

According to Psychology Today, “social distancing” needs a re-brand as “physical distancing”.  Staying home does not have to mean disconnecting. In fact, you might say that connection increased during the COVID-10 “shelter in place” requirement.  How so? Our overstuffed lives suddenly stopped! 

Emotional Connection During Physical Distancing

  • Many busy parents now spent full days and weeks with their children.
  • Reaching out and checking on old friends and family found a new place in our lives as long commutes and busy schedules disappeared.
  • Young and old found that they could use video calls to play games, watch movies together, and join in worship services.
  • Whole industries were required to figure out how their employees could “go-to-meetings” without leaving their kitchens.
  • Hollywood and the entertainment industry took to the social media platform with zeal. Kitchen concerts, at home recording sessions, mini-dramas, and real-life commentaries encouraged the world to stay strong, stay safe, and stay at home during this pandemic. Who knew that Mathew McConaughey really did wear blue flannel shirts and glasses when just kicking it at home?

Physical distance can increase your emotional connection! Touch is truly one of the first ways we discover our world as babies.  But it is not the only way.  Talking, listening, creating, joining an online discussion all increase our emotional connection.

Keep up the Healthy Connections

Several families have planned porch suppers.  Each family cooked their own meal and brought it out to a table on their front porch a 6 PM.  Then, without getting to close, they were able to chat and connect with each other. Here are a few more ideas to connect your brain to others.

  • join a Facebook discussion group 
  • set up dinner dates on zoom (this means you can do it with faraway friends too!)
  • plan outdoor activities with small groups (walks in the country, picnics, dispersed camping, fishing)
  • learn a language (many online services are offering free live classes,  eg rosetta stone
  • start a garden (growing things keeps you connected to the solid ground and outside waving at neighbors)
  • do like the Italians did: sing, talk and say positive things from your porch or balcony to your neighbors at a specific time

High Touch Services Reopen Improve Your Emotional Health

According to Psychology Today, even a quick handshake can tell you a lot about another person. Another person’s calming touch communicates volumes to an anxious or nervous person. In crisis just sitting next to someone who is able to calm their body will help us calm ours.  At Life Essentials Day Spa we are all about healing touch.  As we reopen we want you to know for certain that your “private spa” experience is safe.  We are following both CDC and DORA Regulations for Spas and Salons.  

Private Spa

With limited appointments and specific attention to physical distancing, you can be assured that Life Essentials Spa will be an oasis just for you.  

  • please arrive a few minutes before your appointment–we are spacing clients so you truly get a private spa
  • you will be shown to your own private room immediately 
  • all equipment and rooms are sanitized with EPA Registered Hospital Grade Disinfectant that meets OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standards
  • all therapist wear masks and gloves, wash before and after clients and are regularly health checked
  • all payment equipment and reception desks are disinfected between each client–you can also pay by phone prior to the appointment

Your health is our top priority.  Staying emotionally connected is a great way to improve your mood and move away from depression. Bringing massage services back to you is our highest priority to decrease mental stress and physical pain during this time of uncertainty.  Join us for the reopening of our massage and skin care services in a safe private spa environment.  

Make sure to check our website for specials and seasonal deals.  We are looking forward to serving you!


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Social distancing does not mean emotional distancing!

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