Spa estheticians and therapists see a lot. Sometimes seeing it all is simply part of the job. At Life Essentials Day Spa we believe in complete confidentiality with our clients, as well as discretion and professionalism to make even the most intimate spa services seem like a walk in the park.
Below are just a few of the intimate spa services we offer then keep reading to find out how to prepare for your visit.
Brazilian: A Brazilian wax includes removing all the hair ‘down there.’ In order to make this service as comfortable for you as possible we recommend letting your hair grow to no longer than ¼ inch. As aestheticians we are unable to trim or shave the area and hair that is too long can be more painful to remove. This will be an intimate procedure, but remember, our professional staff will talk you through the process so you can relax. If you have any skin rashes or sores, wait until they heal before booking your appointment.
Manzillian: This is the man’s version of the Brazilian, where we remove all of his hair ‘down there.’ This service does require participation from the client so we can get into all the places we need to. Same rules apply for the man. Let the hair grow to ¼ inch for the most comfortable service. And don’t worry, we really have seen it all before. If you have any skin rashes or sores, wait until they heal before booking your appointment.
Backcial: Some people may be shy or embarrassed about having back acne. We say, don’t be. The best way to help clear up acne on the back is to have a backcial. We will cleanse the back, perform extractions so your back can heal and advise you of a cleansing regiment to help clear up acne and keep it clear.
Spray Tan: Unless you’re looking for a ski tan spray tan, this service requires full nudity. Fortunately our spray tans don’t take very long, so you won’t be exposed for more than about 15-20 minutes.
Body Scrub: With a body scrub we exfoliate your entire body (well, almost your entire body – we leave the privates private during this service). We have worked with every body type so don’t feel self-conscious.
Tips for getting the most out of your intimate spa service:
If you have any sensitive areas on your body, be sure to discuss them with your therapist before you begin your appointment. For example if you are uncomfortable with people touching the big toe on your right foot, or if being touched on any specific area on your body makes you uncomfortable, please communicate that. Your therapist wants you to enjoy you time with them. When you tense up, it’s harder for you to experience the full benefits of your spa service.
If you aren’t sure what exactly the service includes, ask the reservationist. We don’t want you to show up and find out you signed up for something you really don’t want.
Shower first. Showering before an appointment is a kindness you do for your therapist. It’s basic etiquette.
Know that we keep all of your information confidential. At Life Essentials Day Spa, your personal business is exactly that: personal. Our therapists do not discuss their clients with other people. If you are ready to book your spa service today, call 970-871-9543

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