When people call to book a massage in Steamboat, they don’t always know the differences between the various types of services we offer. Some people ask for a Swedish massage when what they really want is a deep tissue massage. People who are active rarely know that we offer Sports Massages and Thai Massages that are specifically geared to stretch and relax overworked muscles.
For those who are ready to book their Steamboat Massage here’s what you need to know:
Deep Tissue Massage: This is our most popular massage. With deep tissue your therapist will talk to you first about any problem areas you might have, for example a kink in the neck or tight calves. After your consultation, you massage therapist will begin your massage. They will ask if the pressure they are using works for you. If you want a deeper or lighter massage, be sure to tell your therapist. Deep tissue massage is designed to get into the muscles to stretch and relax your body.
Swedish Massage: A Swedish massage is designed for relaxation. Therapists use light touch to maximize relaxation. Because a Swedish Massage is less technical than a deep tissue massage the massage is slightly less expensive. For those who decide that they would like more pressure in their massage they can always upgrade to a deep tissue massage.
Ashiatsu: Ashiatsu is deeper than a Deep Tissue massage and is provided by a therapist who has been specially certified to use their bare feet to give this massage.
The synergy between pressure and gravity, provide the therapist the ability to get deep and work effectively.  If you like pressure, than an Ashiatsu massage is definitely for you.  Life Essentials has three certified therapists who are able to provide this service.
Hot Stone Massage: Hot stone massages begin with heated stones placed strategically on the client’s body to help relax muscles so that the therapist can work more deeply in the muscles. Once the fascia has been heated and relaxed, the therapist will do manual massage on the pre-heated area.
Pre-Natal Massage: Pre-Natal massages help increase circulation, reduce swelling in the hands and feet, relieve stress and lessen sciatic pain. Pre-Natal massages are done while the woman lies on her side. When you call to make your appointment be sure to let the spa know how far along you are as a massage too early in a pregnancy may cause a miscarriage.  Pre-natal clients should be past their first trimester.
Thai Massage: For a Thai Massage the client will be asked to dress in yoga clothing or will be provided clothing. Thai massage involves acupressure, deep compression and yoga like stretching. Pam Peretz is a certified Thai Massage Therapist and her clients always come back for more!
Sports Therapy Massage: Sports therapy massages incorporate stretching and compression with regular massage to help relieve problems areas due to physical activities.   Sports massages are generally not full body massages but are tailored to specific concerns.
If you have further questions about our Steamboat massages, please don’t hesitate to call us at Life Essentials Day Spa: 970-871-9543.

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