Want to get kissed under the mistletoe this holiday season, then you need to scrub up before you pucker up. Get all you need to stop the dry, chapped lips and turn them into Kissable Lips from Life Essentials Day Spa. Sanitas makes keeping lips soft and hydrated easy. Sanitas new (easy to travel with) lip duo, fun holiday ornament packaging, makes it easy to get and give!

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Under the Mistletoe Lip Duo is a redensifying lip complex.  Take off the dead, dry, “yucky” skin with the conditioning polish.  This first step gently buffs and rubs off dead dry skin while nourishing chapped lips.

Tip:  Do it in the shower!  Recommended by the Estheticians at Life Essentials Day Spa.

Next, use the hydrating lip therapy to restore volume and definition.

Tip: Do this at night while the body is at rest and healing itself, so says the Life Essentials Day Spa Staff.

Kissable Lip Color- Really

The Life Essentials Day Spa staff say it really works!! — “lip gloss and color that stays on even under the mistletoe!”

Lip Sense is unlike any conventional lipstick, stain or color. Remember the earlier “stains?” All those “lip stains” were dry and chapped your lips even more than petroleum jelly based chap-sticks! This long-lasting lip color, does not kiss-off, smear-off, rub-off or budge-off!

You are a Kissable Color Boss!

Even more fun, you can customize the colors to suit you–layer dark and light, add a shimmer, tone down a red with a gold overcoat, or create the perfect pink with a pearlized Lip Sense Moisturizing Gloss.   Your customized look will last even longer and your lips will stay moist and plump with Lip Sense Moisturizing Gloss.

Final Kissable Lip Tip

Be sure to put on lip hydration right before bed.  Do this for 2 reasons:
1) the body repairs itself while we sleep and the extra moisture will help your lips repair
2) sleeping with your mouth open and breathing heavily while sleeping drys out your lips

Keep your Sanitas Redensifying Lip treatment on your nightstand so you can put it on generously right before you nod off.

Let us Doll You UP!-Holiday Make-up and Hair

Getting ready for a big event or holiday trip?  Let our make-up artist and hairstylist enhance your natural beauty.   We are also ready to handle all your vacation prep. Make an appointment for a sugar scrub, an expert wax, and a spray tan so you can hop on the plane refreshed and ready to relax.

Book your appointment online or call 970-871-9543

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