Hello Video Meeting World!  Looking good on Zoom is now a thing!  Who knew we would all be video stars in less than 6 months! Now that we are all familiar with Zoom and the power of video conferencing, let’s get busy with a super quick morning routine. The camera is actually a great friend to those with fine lines and wrinkles; it actually blurs those lines a bit from the start.  (Psst! Find all the products mentioned in our new L.E. Online Store.)

Looking Good on Zoom 101

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The next major step in looking good for the camera is to hydrate!  Fine lines and wrinkles disappear with deep hydration. Looking good on Zoom means hydrating the night before your meeting.

TIP #1 Prepare your skin well the night before.

At night is truly when our whole body repairs.  As we are headed into fall, a winter moisturizing routine is a must.  Choose a hydrating face wash; one of our favorites is Sanitas’ Milk & Honey Cleanser .It is super-rich and creamy and smells like sweet dreams! A restorative cleanser that gently removes impurities while nourishing dry, dehydrated skin. A complexion renewing blend of raw, sustainable honey and B vitamins helps protect the skin’s barrier function, restore natural clarity and boost moisture retention.

TIP #2 Use A Serum 

Next, blend in a vitamin-rich serum that penetrates deep into the lower layers of your skin.  Hyaluronic Acid (don’t let the “acid” scare you) This amino acid complex, blended with hyaluronic acid, helps increase the skin’s ability to retain moisture and creates an instant plumping effect. Skin appears softer, firmer, and more volumized.   Not plump as in fat but plump as in healthy rounded skin cells that don’t sag or sink into fine lines.

TIP #3 Bright up Those Eyes

No skincare night routine is complete without an eye cream; in a zoom meeting your eyes do most of the talking, right?  Let’s make sure they are bright and beautiful. We just can’t recommend Peptiderm Eye Treatment enough!  This little wonder blend of copper peptides and essential fatty acids, plus nutriprotective vitamins helps reduce dark circles, diminish fine lines, and relieve puffiness.  A little goes a long way.  Just a grain of rice size portion patted under each eye ever night allows for deep repair of the skin.

TIP #4 Hydration Happens When Your Sleep

Our bodies repair themselves when at rest so your best time to hydrate is right before bed.  To seal in all the hydration above, Life Essentials’ suggests that you complete this hydration party massage in Topical C Moisturizer.  This deeply moisturizing and reparative balm nourishes dry skin and addresses the visible signs of aging. As a bonus, it also helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, brightens dark spots, and speeds skin renewal.

A Looking Good on Zoom Must

Looking good on zoom must is a good night’s sleep.  Many people have reported working more, not less when they work from home.  Your eyes, skin, your brain, and your whole body need to repair during your nightly slumber.  Nothing makes you look worse than puffy droopy eyes on the camera. Your body shows when it is not resting properly.  We are learning more and more that everyone needs a lot of deep sleep for their health.  So go ahead, take off the blue light glasses and read a good book until you fall asleep.

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