Zoom no longer means just fast!  Just like “Google” the word Zoom has become synonymous with a video meeting.  The question is: how do you look good on video in a hurry?

Soft Resolution of the Camera

Good news! Your camera actually makes you look better than harsh meeting room fluorescent lights.  The zoom online meeting bad news is we have all gotten really lazy about dressing and make-up while working from home.  Let us help you with a 5-minute routine to look professional on camera.

Makeup for Zoom Meeting Basics

Let’s get started with basics!  Again, the zoom camera is not high definition.  You can get away with a lot less makeup for Zoom meetings than you would in person or on a real photo or video shoot.

Perfect Face PrimerThis overall primer is fab for getting your face set up quickly to keep your make-up in place all day in front of the blue of the computer. Primer sets the stage for all next steps: foundation, concealer, eye makeup, and blush.  We can’t stress enough how important it is to minimize shine on camera.  This grease-free formula will work overtime to keep your matte flawless look working as long as you do.

This is a must around the eyes for any camera or video work.  What is everyone looking at on Zoom, your eyes!  Make sure that you look awake and ready to tackle the projects of the day with a tap-tap of concealer around your eye bones (Coming soon to our online store!).

Bronze and Brighten-
Super Star HighlighterThe camera makes you look a little flat.  While you do not want the dreaded shine, you do want a healthy glow.  Bronzers and highlighters are a must for the camera.   Our 4 shade Highlighter is perfect for this with 4 pigmented shades that blend flawlessly. It melts into your skin leaving you luminous all-day.

Focallure Eyebrow PencilFrame your Face-
Brows are the frame of your face and super important.  While we can get them expertly shaped for you at the salon, filling them in for the camera takes about 30 seconds!  These beautiful pencils make it simple to frame your face.


Fresh Eyes-
Just being on the computer all day can make your eyes look super tired.  We searched all over for some great all in makeup for zoom one eye shadow palettes. They will give you serval great combinations to brighten up those tired eyes.  Make sure to check out all the color combinations on our new online store!

Read my Lips-
Dry chapped lips are not a good look for the camera.  Neither are rings on your coffee mug as you wait patiently for your turn to speak.  Makeup for Zoom needs to be simple and fun.  MakeupLipSense Long Lasting Lip Stain and Moisturizing Gloss make a perfect video meeting combo.  Guaranteed not to rub off on your headset microphone!

Wake Up!
Nothing says you are wide awake like full dark eyelashes.  While eyebrows frame the face mascara frames the eyes.   In the salon, we offer several options including magnetic fake eyelashes!Indelible Water Resistant Mascara

Eyelashes are so much fun!  With them, plus a great mascara, you can almost forget about the rest of the routine.  Well, not your concealer Lili Indelible Lashesand foundation. (You always need concealer on camera!)

Preparation is Key for Makeup for Zoom

Makeup for Zoom meetings really only needs to take 8 minutes to apply.  The main key is to moisturize and hydrate your skin the night before.  Fine lines and wrinkles do not show up well on camera!  Hydrated well cared for skin is always in style.

LOOKING GOOD ON ZOOM STARTS THE NIGHT BEFORE!  Find out all our secrets for prepping and hydrating the skin to make sure you look awake and ready to tackle the day.  If you are actually going out in the world check out this post on what masks work well with what skin type.

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