Every now and then we have young adults or teenagers whose parents book a massage for them. Working on children is different than working on adults for several reasons: they may be nervous or uncomfortable the first time they receive a massage, they may not know how to voice their needs, they may not know how to explain problem areas they are having.
As a massage therapist there are ways to make young adults and teenagers more comfortable with massage:
1. Ask if this is their first massage. If they have had massage before ask them what they liked about it and if there was anything they did not like about it.
2. If they have never had a massage before, explain the process to them. Let them know that they can undress to the level they are comfortable. Let them know what to expect during the massage and ask them if there are any areas on their body they do not want massaged.
3. Let them know they have a voice. Continually check in with them during the massage to assess massage pressure and comfort level with the massage.
4. Ask permission as you begin the massage and let your client know when you will be transitioning to other parts of the body throughout the massage.
5. Massage & Bodyworks Magazine suggests starting with hands and feet (safe places) to get your client comfortable with the type of touch they will be receiving.
6. Notice non-verbal communication. Is there are part of the body that tenses up when you touch it? Even if your client doesn’t express discomfort or anxiousness, pay attention to non-verbal cues and avoid those places.
7. Unless the client specifically requests a sports massage or a deep tissue massage, keep the touch calming and relaxing.
At Life Essentials Day Spa we accommodate children over the age of 12.  If a child is younger than that, it is a special request and a parent must be in the room with the child during the entire service.
If you have any other questions about booking a massage for your young adult or teenager, please contact us at Life Essentials Day Spa voted Steamboat’s best day spa at 970-871-9543.

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