CBD Massage

Get on board with the hottest massage in the industry. Utilizing CBD oils from the hemp plant, this massage will help you to ease anxiety, disease of muscle soreness, aching joints, strained ligaments. A must for the weekend warrior. Non-psychoactive and immediate relief.

CBD Massage
Standard massage oil over full body with LE Signature 500 mg CBD massage oil used in areas of discomfort only.

– 60 Min. — $155
– 75 Min. — $180
– 90 Min. — $205

Ultimate CBD Massage
LE Signature 500 mg CBD Massage Oil used over full body with LE Signature 1,000 mg CBD Salve used in the areas of discomfort.

– 60 Min. — $175
– 75 Min. — $200
– 90 Min. — $225

CBD Massage

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