At Life Essentials Day Spa we understand the importance of shared experiences in relationships, which is why we have a special room set aside so that you and your lover, your loved one or the one you want to love can lie side by side, relax and be pampered together. If you need more incentive than that, consider the following reasons to book a couple’s massage:
1. Mutual Satisfaction. When was the last time you and your loved one experienced mutual, synchronized satisfaction? If you have recently, kudos to you and please email me your techniques. Usually in relationships it’s one at a time. With a couple’s massage, you both get to relax and experience bliss at exactly the same time.
2. You get to see you partner’s ‘M’ face. Maybe you haven’t heard of an ‘M’ face, but it’s the expression one gets as they are having a perfectly executed massage. Sometimes this results in slack jaw, drool slipping from one’s mouth, sometimes it’s a simple sigh as the eyes close. If you haven’t seen your partner’s ‘M’ face, book a massage today.
3. No clean up. A home-cooked romantic dinner is wonderful, but who is doing the clean up? A massage at home is great, but who is washing the massage oil off the sheets? At Life Essentials Day Spa you show up, lie on a table, enjoy your massage then leave. There is no mess for either one of you to clean up.
4. Give the gift of kindness. Massage has been proven to reduce stress, relax muscles, help circulation and improve mood. Where else can you get those kinds of benefits in an hour or an hour and a half?
5. It’s a gift for you, too. We will let you spin the couple’s massage however you want but at the end of the day booking a massage for you and your loved one means you get to be pampered too and you deserve it!
6. Your therapist listens to you. Have you ever had your partner give you a massage and after about five minutes they relax on the pressure, get wrapped up in whatever TV show is on and forget all about you? We don’t. Our job is to listen to you and apply the type of pressure that you like for the full hour of your massage.
7. You never know where massage will lead. So you book a couple’s massage in the morning. It’s fantastic. You and your partner feel relaxed and you still have the day ahead of you. Who knows where that may lead – snuggling in bed for an afternoon nap, a lunch of healthy greens and veggies, tubing down the river. If you had a massage, take the rest of the day off and remember how wonderful life is when you have love in your life.
If you are ready to book a couple’s massage, call us at 970-871-9543.

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