As we are all learning to cover our faces, it is becoming clear that not all face masks are equal.  Grabbing a bandanna or a plastic shield is not recommended by the CDC.  Earlier in the year with masks in short supply, most Americans used anything as a mask—old tee shirts, baby clothes, bandannas, ski masks, and neck gators.  According to the CDC: 

New research shows that the most effective homemade face masks are those made with tightly woven fabric providing a good seal along the edges.

  • Bandannas were not found to be effective.
  • N-95 masks need to be properly fitted and should be reserved for those who need them.
  • Surgical face masks are another effective option in areas where they’re readily available.

Here is currently what the CDC recommends:

Pictures showing how to wear a face mask correctlyWhile many well-meaning individuals and companies made masks during the shortage of surgical masks. They are not proving to be as effective. 

How do you properly wear a face mask?

Pictures to wear a face mask correctly

What if the face mask irritates my skin?

Irritation of the skin can be a real issue with wearing a facial mask.  In fact, our last blog was directed at the choices you have in masks in combination with your skin type.  As experts in the skin business, we know how to keep your skin healthy and you safe. Find all our advice here.

What about children and face covering?

With school starting, this is a real issue.  The CDC advises that children under 2 years old should not wear a mask for safety reasons.   While older children will be expected to wear a mask, the best thing we can do to support them is model good habits.

  • wash your mask often
  • avoid touching your face
  • wash your hands
  • find non-contact ways to connect with friends
  • encourage physical but not emotional distancing
  • And as always, regular sleep, healthy eating and exercise will help the immune system fight off all illness in the future.

Distressing is a key to Stay Healthy

Over the last 6 months, we have talked a lot about reducing stress.  Massage can distress your body, drain your lymphatic system, and increase blood follow.  All of this boosts your immune system and your mood.

Stay healthy with massages this fall. Click here to book today.

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