Have you heard of the term spa junkie? It is someone who can’t get enough of spa treatments, and wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could indulge in the spa every day?

Weekly or monthly visits are a reality for most of our clients, and it is a part of their health, beauty, and wellness routine that they look forward to most. Still, you can have spa treats between massages. Your bathroom should be loaded with spa products that you can use every day. Here are some of our must-have spa treats to use between massages and spa visits.  Or just come see us more often!

Rejuvenating body scrub and mud mask

Mud Season-spa treats

A body scrub will remove any dead skin, leaving your body silky smooth. A warm mud mask over your whole body will suck out impurities and relax your aching muscles. Make sure you follow up with a good moisturizer. Apply the body scrub in firm circular motions, which will also help improve your circulation.

Deep conditioning hair treatment

Lock the bathroom door and run a hot bath to soak in, while your deep conditioning hair treatment works its magic. Apply the conditioner to the driest parts of your hair first, then in the final minutes, apply some to the roots of your hair. Your hair will be shiny and healthy-looking, and you will feel fab.

Relaxing foot mask

Sometimes we forget about our feet, especially during the winter months when they are wrapped up in socks most of the time. Apply a foot mask while watching a movie or use an overnight foot treatment if your tootsies are very dry.

Aromatherapy oils

Just one smell of a certain aromatherapy oil can transport you back to a blissful spa treatment or a favorite vacation in the tropics. Like massage, the benefits of aromatic oils are many. They can enhance your mood, lower your stress levels or set the mood for a relaxing bath, meditation session, or sleep.

These are just a few spas treats you can pamper yourself with between spa visits. We say every day should be a spa day!

Fall in a fabulous spa day with us.  Be sure to book your spa treatments early and often.

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