Have you ever wanted to try Shiatsu or Ashiatsu Massage in Steamboat but defaulted to a Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage because you were nervous about what the experience might entail? Below we explore the differences between Shiatsu massage and Ashiatsu massage and the benefits they will provide you.
Owner Pam Peretz has handpicked each treatment offered at Life Essentials Day Spa. Peretz has studied massage extensively in the east and has learned first hand the benefits of Shiatsu and Ashiatsu massage for physical and emotional well-being. Both types of massage are designed to help relieve stress, physical pain and to balance the body and soul.
Shiatsu Massage: In 1964 the Japanese government officially recognized Shiatsu as a type of therapy for well being. Shiatsu massage is a relaxing massage, more on par with a Swedish massage as opposed to deep tissue massage.
Through touch applied to pressure points and touch strokes customized for your personal needs, Shiatsu massage can help relieve fatigue, stress and depression, can release tension that causes migraines, alleviate pain from arthritis and more. This type of massage therapy is designed to restore energy pathways.
Similar to acupuncture, but solely using human touch, the body’s spiritual, psychological, emotional and physical wellbeing are aligned. Clients often notice an improvement in overall health and mood after the massage.
This is a great massage to relieve the winter blues that come from seven months of winter in Steamboat Springs.
Ashiatsu Massage: Ashiatsu massage, or foot therapy, consists of a trained therapist performing massage with his or her feet using overhead bars for balance and stability. Because therapists can use their entire body to direct pressure, Ashiatsu massage gives the therapist the ability to penetrate muscles more deeply than a deep tissue massage.
For this massage clients lie on a table, similar to traditional massage. The therapist warms and sterilizes his or her feet before beginning. Once they step onto your body you will feel deep, broad, pressure applied to your body. Depending on your body weight the therapist will use either one-footed or two-footed strokes.
This is an ideal massage for overworked muscles or muscles that suffer chronic pain from repetitive motions or unhealthy postures. Those with hip or back tightness may find more pronounced relief at the end of their massage. When you massage is over you’ll feel calmer, more aligned as your body relaxes. This massage is ideal for people why are physically active or work in physically demanding jobs.
Please note if you have any health conditions or concerns, please convey them to your massage therapist at the start of your appointment. To book your Ashiatsu massage or Steamboat Shiatsu massage, call Life Essentials Day Spa at 970-871-9543.

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