Summer is here, so it’s time for a summertime style your hair with some beautiful waves so you can hit the beach, lake, or hike looking totally fab.

Wearing your hair wavy in the summertime style is the perfect way to look effortlessly gorgeous with just a splash of glam. But how do you get those lovely waves in your hair? Too curly and your hair looks like you just had a perm. Not enough curl and the waves will drop out, leaving you with limp-looking hair within an hour.

Those beach waves can indeed take a little time. But it’s absolutely worth the effort. Here’s how you get wavy hair for the summer.

How to Get that Summertime Style

Start with a great cut!  Life Essentials Day Spa is now a full salon.  Nothing brings a great wave together like the right cut and color.  It is time to end the split-ends and start fresh. Plus summer is always the time to brighten and lighten.  Just a few touches of color create depth and radiance.   Check these styles out.  Book that appointment now! 

blood hair before a cut and color and after back of the head shot summertime style

Let’s Add Waves-Grab our New Texturizing Mist

In the evening, wash your hair and towel dry it, then apply Monat’s Tousled Texturizing Mist from the roots to the ends. Braid your hair in medium-sized braids and let it dry overnight. In the morning, undo the braids and let your hair fall loose. Your hair will be looking lovely with soft, feminine waves. Add a little product for staying power, get dressed in your favorite summertime style outfit and you are ready for the beach!

summertime style wavewave

Those long days at the beach can have a damaging effect on your gorgeous hair. To prevent sun damage wear a hat or scarf on your head during the hottest hours of the day. Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and invest in a deep conditioning treatment to use once a week to ensure your sun-kissed hair stays shiny and healthy. If your hair seems really dry, an overnight hydrating treatment can work wonders.

Swimming pool chlorine can also damage your hair, so always rinse your hair well after swimming and use quality hair-care products to protect and care for your lovely locks. Enjoy your summer and take lots of selfies with your new beach-perfect hairstyle!

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