Wedding season is here. Can you feel the love and increasing sense of deadlines in the air? I just got home from Nashville, where I helped to pull off my sister’s two hundred-person wedding. If you have ever helped plan a wedding, you will know the work it takes to pull even the most intimate wedding off. Two of the most essential things to lock down for your big day are your hair and makeup. Our professional hair and makeup artists at Life Essentials Day Spa put together a few tips to help organize your look’s timeline. Because everyone wants to look their very best on their wedding day!

Get Specific In Your Inspiration. 

Make a vision board, and cut out clips of hair and makeup that you like. Then, look through old personal pictures of previous looks to see what worked and didn’t work. If something grabs your attention, like a hair color or super dramatic lashes, take note of it! The more visual guides you can give your stylist, the better they can recreate a look for you. 

Have Realistic Expectations

Your wedding day is not the day to choose a short bleached blonde pixie cut for the first time in your life. Instead, most hair and makeup artists recommend selecting a look that is, at the very least, in the same realm as the hair and makeup you wear every day. Makeup artists even recommend bringing your makeup bag to better determine the correct tones and shades of makeup to match. Of course, your wedding look can still be glamorous and beautiful, it’s your wedding day, but it is in your best interest not to try a bold new haircut or makeup for the first time.

Reserve Your Hair And Makeup Team Early

The right time to reserve a hair and makeup team is around 9-12 months out. Especially if you have bold hair color goals, the more time on your side, the better. Many hair and makeup artists will offer a free consultation call to learn more about your vision and see if you guys are a good fit.

Reserve Your Trial Early

Trails don’t always go as planned. Plan your trial run early. 5 months out is an excellent time to start your trails, especially for colored hair. If you are a procrastinator and don’t have extensive hair and makeup goals, scheduling your trial 2 months out should be fine. It’s helpful to see both your hair and makeup together. I recommend scheduling both for the same day. I’ve seen many brides plan their trials for the day of their engagement photos or bridal shower to get a beautiful, professionally done look for an event.  

Be Prepared To Pay

Hair and makeup artists differ from one to the next, as does their pricing. Some creators charge the same for a wedding look trail as they do for the actual day. So it is vital to communicate with your team and find out the details of their pricing to avoid any unwanted and surprising expenses. There are likely to be some unforeseen expenses during your wedding planning at some point!

Arrive Alone With A Clean Face And Hair

I know it’s tempting to bring along the bestie or dear old mom to your hair and makeup trial, but it’s best to go alone. The more voices and opinions in a room may dilute what you actually want or make it more difficult for your team to understand the vision. It’s your wedding day, and if you’re like my sister, you’ve had a plan in your head since you were a little girl. Listen to your heart and do your best to express what you actually want to your hair and makeup artist. But please, for the sake of the professionals you are working with, don’t show up with makeup on or dirty hair. Giving your makeup artist or hairstylist a fresh canvas is massively helpful. It shows you respect their time and gives them the ability to show you precisely what you will look like on your special day. 

Schedule Another Trial If You Are Unhappy

Sometimes a makeup artist or a hairstylist simply isn’t a good fit for what you are trying to pull off. Maybe the hairstylist isn’t used to working with fine hair, or the color isn’t what you wanted. Remember it is your wedding day and you are allowed to say if you don’t like something. Asking for another trial or setting up a trial with someone new is one of the reasons to book trials long before the wedding day. It’s rare for a trial to go exactly how you had planned.

Wedding Hair Is A Complex Beast

Your wedding day hair routines will look very different if you have super fine or thick, coarse hair. Some will consider at least a few weeks of hair-specific shampoos, conditioners, or treatments. It’s important to listen to your hairstylist and follow their instructions if you want them to accurately create your dream look on your wedding day. Here are some good rules of thumb. Book your final color appointment two weeks out. Hair color always looks a little better when lived in for a week or two. Give yourself a full two weeks to get the most natural and beautiful-looking color. 

If you have thick but manageable hair wash your hair two days before your wedding day. If you have naturally frizzy and coarse hair, consider booking a smoothing blow-dry two to four days from your wedding day. However, If your hair is fine, it’s ok to shampoo it the morning of your wedding day. 

Gorgeous Lashes Take Time

Long luxurious lashes are all the rage these days; however, I don’t recommend going straight into your wedding to try them out for the first time. Instead, go in for your lash appointment two weeks before your wedding date and ask for a more natural look. This will get you used to wearing false eyelashes and help you decide if you want to add or subtract lash length or volume from your final look. Then, approximately two to four days before your wedding, book the final adjustments. Brides will often get filled to have a more glamourous look on their special day. 

Enjoy Yourself!

It’s easy to get lost in the stress and unanticipated costs of putting together your dream wedding. But, even if you have a hard time perfecting your hair and makeup look, it’s up to you to enjoy the process! Your actual wedding day will fly by and be and blur of people and cake and dancing. So slow down and take pleasure in all the little details. You might miss all the planning once it’s all behind you! 

Life Essentials Day Spa is dedicated to making our bride’s hair and makeup process enjoyable. We promise to listen to your vision, and if we think we aren’t the right fit for you, we will communicate that to you. It’s your special day, and you deserve professional hair and makeup artists that will have your camera ready for the pictures you will cherish for the rest of your life. Good luck out there, brides, and congratulations! 

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