People come to Steamboat from around the world to escape their hectic city lives and to return to a simpler way of life. During your visit here, or even if you live here, we believe you should take time out of your day or week to simply relax. Below are our top five ways to relax in Steamboat Springs.
1. Disconnect from electronics. Turn off your computer, leave you cell phone at home and experience the world with true connectedness and authenticity. I know this can be a scary thought if you have young children or if you have a job that believes they should have access to you 24/7, but if you really want to relax, make arrangements with someone else to field calls from kids or change your voicemail to say you will return calls in x amount of time. Setting expectations with others allows you to enjoy the time you spend alone and not to have interference from the outside world.
2. Reconnect with Nature. When was the last time you smelled the roses? Literally. In the summer time the hills are filled with wildflowers, birds sing their stories and clouds scatter across the sky. When you step into nature you walk with the bears, the moose the elk and the deer. Choose a walk or hike appropriate for your fitness level, but spend the walk noticing the details of the world around you. Remember, this is your world, you belong here and all the bright colors, sounds and smells are gifts for you to enjoy.
3. Book a massage. Much like our first tip, getting a massage or a spa treatment in Steamboat Springs forces you to shut out the outside word. Phones get turned off, no one can reach you, and for an hour or longer you get to focus on your body and your needs. Choose a spa with an excellent reputation like Life Essentials Day Spa, where your trained therapist works to relieve stress and muscle tension.
4. Soak in the hot springs. Steamboat is fortunate to have two hot springs, the Old Town Hot Springs and the Strawberry Park Hot Springs. The Old Town Hot Springs offers a more family-friendly experience. The Strawberry Park Hot Springs is a little more remote and rustic. If you go at night, you’ll be amazed by how many stars you can count in the sky, by how bright the moon is and by how easy it is to relax and let the hot waters soak away your cares.
5. Tube down the Yampa River. This is one of the most popular activities in Steamboat for locals and visitors alike in the summer time. If you can’t swim, wear a life jacket, as the rocks and current can tip you. Floating down the Yampa lets you wind and move through life at the speed of the river. The best time to go is before 3:00 when afternoon storms have a tendency of rolling in.
Steamboat is an ideal place to visit to relax and forget about the rest of the world. The only problem is you may not want to go back!

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