CBD Oil, a new craze for pot heads or a true medicine?  Living in Steamboat Springs Colorado, the testing ground for all things hemp in North America, provides a way to find an easy answer.
The healing properties of the hemp plant date back thousands of years.  Did you know your body already produces Cannabinoids? Hemp-based cannabinoids are termed phytocannabinoids that enhance your bodies own ability to heal.
Benefits of Hemp Derived CBD
Pain Relief
A natural analgesic for chronic pain and neuropathology.  Phytocannabinoids found in the hemp plant readily bind with the cannabinoid receptors in our bodies.  Massaging in a CBD Oil provides pain relief without side effects.
As much as 80 percent of our health issues center on inflammation in our bodies.  Most inflammation is a result of stress, poor diet and lack of sleep–simple areas to change with major downsides if not changed.  Acne, psoriasis, arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) stem from or are increased by the high level of inflammation.  Remarkably, the simple use of CBD oil reduces or eliminates many of the symptoms of inflammation that cause these uncomfortable diseases.


Looking for a natural way to move away from that blahh, blue feeling?   CBD Oil promotes alertness in wakeful states and regeneration of cells in sleep states.  The endocannabinoid system functions as a wellness connector for mind and body.
Get this!  While the other expressed oil in the Hemp plant (THC) causes psychoactive processes, CBD Oil does not.  In fact, CBD Oil helps relieve seizures. Its antipsychotic effects help schizophrenia and slow down Alzheimer’s.
CBD Oil helps modulate immune function with massive antioxidant properties.  A game changer in the anti-aging arena the CBD Oil helps the body maintain healthy cell pairings and rebuild or repair cells damaged by free radicals.
Practical Information about CBD Oil
Will it make me high?
No, CBD contains little (0.3% or less) THC, the psychoactive part of the hemp plant.  All though, CBD Oil may give you a feeling of well being it will not have you reaching for the Cheetos and studying your hand endlessly.
Is CBD Legal?
Yes. The Agricultural Act of 2014 made CBD Oil with less than 0.3% THC legal in all 50 states.  Buyer beware, in 2016 the FDA found that many of the manufacturers were not living up to high standard of processing for CBD Oil.  While it did not contain THC, it also did not contain enough CBD Oil to provide any effectiveness.
What is the Most Effective Way to Administer CBD Oil?
Both External & Internal.  External applications with massage exhibit a 40% absorption rate. Externally CBD Oil provides phenomenal anti-aging results, chronic pain relief, and psoriasis mitigation
Internal dosage is by weight and type of disease.  The Medical New Times gives a few common use guidelines.  Checking with your medical professional before attempting internal use is recommended.
Where Can You Find CBD Oil?
Colorado, of course!  Want to try it in a beautiful day spa setting with a professionally trained massage therapist?
Life Essentials Day Spa, in Steamboat Springs, offers their clients the experience of high-grade CBD Oil Massages and Facials.  Come try this ancient healing oil for yourself.

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