Who needs a massage? The better question might be who doesn’t need a massage? Studies have proven that massage can help reduce and relive pain. Massage can help relax an individual and release stress. Human touch is critical for emotional wellbeing and touch through the form of massage can even help alleviate loneliness.
According to the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), massage can help with cancer-related fatigue and pain, lower back pain, osteoarthritis of the knee and post-operative pain. Massage can boos the body’s immune system functioning, can help lower blood pressure, can alleviate the frequency of headaches and so much more. The majority of people who received massage last year (52%) did so for medical related reasons. The majority of those, or about 19%, visited a massage therapist seeking pain relief while 33% of people interviewed sought relaxation or stress relief and 11% wanted to be pampered.
Steamboat Springs is a resort town, meaning that a major portion of our economy depends on visitors during our winter and summer seasons. Those that come here seek adventure, relaxation and an immersion in nature. For every one of those people, massage can enhance a visit to Steamboat.
For athletes, at Life Essentials Day Spa, we offer a dedicated sports therapy massage to help stiff and sore muscles. Our Thai massage incorporates stretching with massage to help you recover from hard workouts or days skiing, biking, running, kayaking or exploring. Please note that if you have sustained a serious injury we do recommend you see a physical therapist for your massage.
For those who need some time for themselves, or need to relieve the stress from their everyday lives, our deep tissue massages and Swedish massages with hot oil scalp treatment add-ons will have you relaxed, refreshed and ready to face the world again.
5% of people who receive massage each year do so as part of a health and wellness regimen according to the AMTA. We strongly believe that in order to receive the best results from massage you should find a massage therapist you like and visit them on a regular basis. Once your therapist gets to know your body he or she can tailor your massages to ensure you get relief or relaxation you are looking for. Just as getting to know someone new takes time, getting to know an individual’s body and tendencies also takes time. Repeat visits help your therapist understand the way your body works and how your body reacts to the world that you work and play in.
If you have any questions about the types of massage we offer and which would be best for your needs, please don’t hesitate to call Life Essentials Day Spa at (970) 871-9543 and speak with our spa representative

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