You have seen it on Marilyn, Audrey, and Sophia’s timeless sophisticated yet sultry full eyelashes? Thick lush eyelashes give the eye depth and lift.  The dark eyelashes are epidemy of a come hither look.  But is there more to why long eyelashes are considered attractive? (Don’t have long dark eyelashes? We can fix that!)

why long eyelashes are considered attractive

What do long eyelashes say about you?

You may not realize it but slicking our eyelashes up with mascara is extremely modern.  Developed by T.L. Williams in 1913 as a combination of coal powder and petroleum jelly, Weird huh?  Not really when you look at what having long dark lashes means to us.

Sign of Overall Health- scientific studies show that disease in the body will cause eyelashes to fall out.  In fact, new products in the last 20 years were discovered to help us grow lashes after illness!

The Appearance of Youthfulness– bright whites “the sclera” as it is called around the iris of the eye also indicates that the whole body is healthy. By adding mascara and darker eyeliner around the eye the contrast increases the brightness of your “whites” giving you depth and youth!

Large Eyes ARE More NoticedBabyish features like big, round eyes along with small chins and high eyebrows seem to stimulate loving and kind feelings out of other adults. The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology noted this back in 1985, citing that baby-faced features had a positive impact for commanding honesty, warmth, and kindness.

why long eyelashes are considered attractive

The Blink of a Woman-Did you know that the blink of a woman is much slower and more fluttery than a man? Much like the studies on hair tossing that are part of the attraction ritual between the sexes so is blinking.  Longer darker lashes mean more attention drawn to this gesture and to you.

Are Long Lashes the Lipstick of the Eye? – If lipstick frames the mouth then mascara is the luscious outline of the eye.  But what if you hate mascara or it drives you crazy?  Life Essentials Day Spa has the solution for you!

Your Attractive Long Eyelashes Are Just a Phone Call Away

Woman with long eyelashes and pink makeup

Our fabulous make-up artists at Life Essentials Day Spa will help you ring in the new year with all these eye-catching services!

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  • eyebrow & lash dyeing

  • Magnetic eyelashes

  • Full makeup application

  • Facials that brighten

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