Your zoom meeting is in 10 minutes and you just rolled out of bed!  No panic, but do these 5 things! (No time for coffee use our fun facial spritz for that early morning wake up call.)  Plus, you can find everything you need at the new Life Essentials Online Store!

Zoom Clothes

Let’s face it all you really need is a cute shirt.  In fact, throwing a sweater over your jammies top will work too.   One of our favorites is the flirty pink sweater.  There is no need to match as no one is going to see the lower half of you anyway.  (Just remember to turn the camera off, if you stand up.)

Zoom Prep Makeup

If you only have like 3 minutes, here is all you need!  If you have more time, check out a more in-depth article on the looks that work for video meeting style cameras.  Three things are all you need in your desk drawer– foundation, lipstick or gloss, and mascara.  Now if you wear glasses you may be able to skip the mascara until after you drink some coffee and shower.  If you don’t already do so, then start keeping all these things in your at home office work station.

Make up for zoom prep pictures

From Bed Head to Video Meeting Hair

Check this!  Perched atop your head during your meetings is your best friend in last-minute hair care–  Headphones!  Yes, headphones are the new normal in hairstyling.  Just do a quick smooth out with the brush you stashed in your work area with your makeup kit and boom!  Hair is done.   No one ever sees the back of your head in a video meeting.  If you are really ambitious you could do a few face-framing curls with the hot iron you stashed in your desk.  Unlike in-person, your hair is really two-dimensional on-screen so just get it out of your face with your headphones.  Need a fresh look change your headphone color! New functional and stylish headphones found here.

head phones for zoom

Turn on the Screen and Open the Camera

Taking 5 minutes to pull on a cute top with a quick swipe of makeup and a brush of your hair swept back behind your headphones is all it takes to turn that camera on and smile.  You do this and the L.E. Online Store can help.  Be sure to grab a little refreshing spritz for those days that waking up is just too hard.

Now Booking For Fall!

At Life Essentials Day Spa, we have super high hopes for the fall/winter season.  We are doing all we can to stay healthy and to provide a super clean environment for you to relax and enjoy.

Fall Specials

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